Great two or three-liners between bornlie and Melyssa K in IM chat.

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Great two or three-liners between bornlie and Melyssa K in IM chat.

Post by Melyssa K on Sat Nov 03, 2012 6:59 pm

We say crazy funny stuff in chat and I'll be posting them here. many of these have occurred while we were watching CSI, live Offspring videos, or wrestling matches together via weblinks.

1:09:55 AM Melyssa K: i want cheddarbacon!
1:09:57 AM bornlie: its not people fat!

2:37:38 PM bornlie: No lol I was joking. I was thinking about you and if you were doing ok.
2:37:51 PM Melyssa K: and i was thinking about nicks ass
2:38:02 PM Melyssa K: therefore, YOU were thinking about nicksass

6/22/12 8:58 pm EST
Melyssa K: lightingingnginggigngigngn!
bornlie: oh noooooooooooooooooo!
Melyssa K: i typod it and i really ran with it

6/29/12 12:46 am EST
Melyssa K: lol emote
bornlie: hhaha im a little tired i dontk now why
Melyssa K: omg today was tiring and it shouldnt have been
Melyssa K: stop copying in front of me!

7/9/12 2:58 am EST
Melyssa K: crumbs in mah cleavage!\
bornlie: LMAO
bornlie: omg hahah
Melyssa K: thats the most random thing ive heard all day

7/12/12 2:30 am EST
Melyssa K: is he like your sworn enemy?
bornlie: YES!
Melyssa K: With ass of magic and smile of sunshine?

10/8/12 6:23 pm EST
Melyssa K: I'm eating wieners! (FYI, I meant hot dogs)
bornlie: Im waiting for bus. I didnt have work today but I had some dumb training for a free bus pass. I then went grocery shopping.
MelyssaK: WIENERS!

10/8/12 8:00 pm EST
Melyssa K: you mean nick has a lady ass?
bornlie: rofl
Melyssa K: he does

10/11/12 8:50 pm EST
Melyssa K: dude
bornlie: post it on his gregk page
Melyssa K: are you dying?

11/4/12 12:36 am EST
bornlie: im eating
bornlie: berries
bornlie: lol
Melyssa K: ew
bornlie: LOl
bornlie: they are good for you
Melyssa K: i can make that dirty
Melyssa K: "berries"

11/5/12 8:40 pm EST
bornlie: Look? See how much weight I lost? My belt is on the last notch.
Melyssa K: Then you'd have to walk around with a boner to keep your pants from falling down.

11/5/12 11:44 pm EST
Melyssa K: How do manage to double-space? (between sentences)
boenlie: Rage-typing.

11/5/12 11:57 pm EST
bornlie: If you were a teacher, you'd make kids cry.
Melyssa K: Whip your nipple.
(At 12:18 am, bornlie proceeded to accidentally whip his nut with the chord he was messing with.)

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Re: Great two or three-liners between bornlie and Melyssa K in IM chat.

Post by bornlie on Sat Nov 03, 2012 7:00 pm

you should sticky this Very Happy

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